Indonesian cuisine is one of the most colorful and favourable cuisine in the world by majority people in the word, its because Indonesia has a wide teritory, consist of more than 6000 (Six Thounsand) habited island’s with different culture and color of cuisine, its make indonesian cuisine more diverse and colorful.

Looking to this opportunity, RajaMICE intend to hold an action, wich aim to promote this massive potential of tourism both culinary and destination, we name it by “Padang kuliner run”.

Choosing padang as our branding location is because padang has many culinary treasure in Indonesia, wich is padang is one of the most favourable and familiar cuisine in Indonesia, and also padang always attrack people with different and amazing taste of cuisine. So we hope, using padang as our branding location, could promote and raise attraction of indonesian tourism in both culinary and destination.

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